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The Vagina Dialogues Time to start the conversation this International Female Orgasm Day

Now I know not everyone is as open about sex and genitals as I am, but it’s time for ALL OF US to start talking about vaginas. Read More

The hot or not truths behind sex therapy

When couples get in a rut in their relationship, sometimes they need a third-party insurer to be there when the relationship airbags get deflated Read More

Three’s a crowd: The dos and don’ts of threesomes

Whether it is done after a few too many champagnes, planned to enhance you and your partner’s sex lives or is a fantasy with a friend, threesomes can be highly sexually liberating. Read More

Sex and Anti-Aging

We've all heard about how pleasurable, sensual, romantic, hot, raunchy, intimate and loving sex can be. But have you ever considered how sex can assist you in making you look and feel younger? Read More

The My Little Black Book Story

We wanted to create a place where every word, and every product is there to give all women the insights and ability to forge a deeper and more empowering understanding of our sexual self.

My Little Black Book is the one place that respects your curiosity, your desires and your intelligence by providing clever articles from professional writers and great new products that have been carefully selected.

My Little Black Book is a place where you’re free to learn, free to explore, and free to feel confident about sex and your body.

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