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Pain, Pain, Go Away - Painful Sex & How to Stop it.

It's really common to have less-than-perfect sexual experiences, but sometimes sex can be genuinely painful. But what causes pain during sex? And how can we avoid it? Read More

Getting Your Mummy Mojo Back After Baby

I remember quite vividly my gynecologist giving me the 'sex talk' as I walked out of her office one day. 'Be safe and don't forget to have a few chardonnays' she said. Read More

Sexual Empowerment Boot Camp: Woman's Health Feature

How’s your sex life? If you answered anything but amazing, you may need to pick up a copy of the March edition of Woman’s Health magazine to read about our Sexual Empowerment Boot Camp. Read More

Bottoms Up: A Foray Into Anal Play

Anal play isn't just for the kinky and daring anymore — lots of men and women are enjoying incorporating a bit of backdoor play into their usual repertoire. And it's no wonder! Read More

The My Little Black Book Story

We wanted to create a place where every word, and every product is there to give all women the insights and ability to forge a deeper and more empowering understanding of our sexual self.

My Little Black Book is the one place that respects your curiosity, your desires and your intelligence by providing clever articles from professional writers and great new products that have been carefully selected.

My Little Black Book is a place where you’re free to learn, free to explore, and free to feel confident about sex and your body.

Enjoy Yourself.

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